Interactive HTML5 Presentations

html5 icon mediumBelow are links to 7 interactive presentations which have been designed to work on all platforms including mobile tablets such as the iPad. When viewing them on a tablet device the content supports touch and swipe - so that you can swipe between the pages. Also, once each presentation has initially loaded it is possible to save it to your iPad's home screen and then open it full screen like a traditional app by touching the icon on your iPad's home screen.


Aspect 1 - Oral counting and reading numbersaspect1 icon
aspect2 iconAspect 2 - Counting as a problem solving process
aspect3 iconAspect 3 - Pattern and number structure
aspect4 iconAspect 4 - Multi-unit place value
aspect5 iconAspect 5 - Multiplication and division
aspect6 iconAspect 6 - Fraction units
aspect7 iconAspect 7 - Measurement