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Hundreds, tens and ones (Level 3)

Students can demonstrate a growing confidence and flexibility in working with hundreds as groups of ten in a multiplicative (100 = 10 x 10 = 20 x 5 =…) and additive way.

aspect 4_hundreds_tens_and_ones_1

The above response suggests that the student is quite confident in partitioning the 15 into 5 and 10 before finding the corresponding multiples of 20. A helpful follow up question would be, How did you know that 5 x 20 would be the same as 50 + 50? It is also possible to discover responses, such as the one reproduced below, which indicate a pronounced lack of understanding of place value. 

aspect 4_hundreds_tens_and_ones_2

This response is an example of attempted rule-based activity not supported by a conceptual understanding of place value.