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Overview of pattern and number structure

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Level 0: Emergent

Prior to being able to focus on the structure of equal groups, students will be working at a level where they are unable to form equal groups of specified sizes. Initially, the student may be unable to instantly and effortlessly identify a quantity of two.

Level 1: Instant

At level 1, the student can subitise (at least) two.

Level 2: Repeated

At level 2, the student can recognise, describe and continue a repeated pattern of two.

Level 3: Multiple

At level 3, the student can create a pattern of repeated units of a specified size.

Level 4: Part-whole to 10

At level 4, the student can recall and use number combinations to ten in processes such as bridging to ten.

Level 5: Part-whole to 20

At level 5, the student can recall and use number combinations to twenty, in particular bonds across ten (8 + 6 = , 12 – 5 =).

Level 6: Number properties

At level 6, the student can use the structural properties of numbers to regroup when operating with numbers, including inverse operations (addition and subtraction as inverses, 27 – 8 + 8).